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happy 15 years to Super Mario Galaxy ✨

Super Mario Galaxy, originally released in November 2007 on the Nintendo Wii, was a game that touched me and many others. for me, it also had a significant influence on my music.

in following year i had put together several NES style covers of some songs from Super Mario Galaxy. back then, i had the very ambitious goal to make NES arrangements of every single song in the game. i didn't get much further than these songs (and one WIP song i found in my Dropbox recently).

14 years later i know better than to think this is a reasonable goal right now lol. but this year, i had the idea of doing more NES style arrangements for the rest of the major songs from the game to release this month in order to celebrate it's 15 year anniversary.

unfortunately, i did not meet such goal, and so i will delegate that to maddie 5 years in the future when the game turns 20. (and i turn 40 😵)

for now, i will just share the covers i did from 2008!