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the piano in Chronopolis (Chrono Cross) and Memories of Green (Chrono Trigger)

Chrono Cross has many callbacks to the Chrono Trigger theme (i guess you could call this the "Chrono" theme lol), but one i really like is in the Chronopolis theme, which actually doesn't have any of the melody and only the chord progression, giving off this eerie but familiar vibe.

you might then notice that the piano pattern sounds like something you've heard before!

and so i got curious about what it might sound like if you end up mashing these two together. when listening to this song i often sing the part of the melody that this snippet of chord progression covers. so when doing this i had to make some changes to accommodate for the missing chords in Chronopolis. i also took some instruments from other Chrono Cross songs for the melody.

(pls listen i spent way too much time on this LOL)

anyway i love Chrono Cross i think it's a beautiful and highly underrated game and maybe i'll post my thoughts in a future post but as you probably already know that's a very polarising topic amongst people for several reasons and so idk if i want to open that can of worms in public hahaha 😅

(also yeah the piano is slightly offtune because VGMTrans doesn't quite map the multi-zone instruments right when extracting to sf2 and i was quickly trying to adjust things)