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being an adult

i've been spending a lot of time speed cleaning my apartment in time for a mahjong night i am hosting this weekend (nothing like new guests coming to force you to make your place presentable). and well, i usually have a shit ton of clutter.

whenever i do this i'm always upset at how much stuff i've managed to accumulate and i just keep shifting stuff/shuffling around into boxes and not really sorting through them in a scramble to get it done at last minute. this week i gave myself way more time and well, i have still too much stuff, but i think i have a much better handle on it, and it turns out (as i had suspected) the way i had been frantically and haphazrardly packing things into random containers had left a lot of unused air (and things are now more neatly/tightly packed up).

so it feels like for the first time in the almost 3 years i've lived here, i am close to getting on top of things for real. it's not konmari level of optimization yet, but we'll get there.